2017. július 28., péntek   Szabolcs napja

Exhibitions Accessibility

Vac exhibitions are located in historic downtown, at the March 15 Square - Széchenyi street axis, a few minutes stroll from each other. The Széchenyi street and the March 15 Square both have been renovated for strollers, no entry by car.

Visitors arriving by car can park closest to Trinity Square, buses  go on the Danube riverbank, below the Buda Castle area. The train station is 10 minutes' walk away our venues, Széchenyi street over. The other side of the Danube, visitors arriving by ferry can go thorugh the Esterházy street to reach the March 15th square.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of exhibition sites and historic features (both Memento mori and the Archaeological Exhibition and the Church of St. Michael-exhibition medieval cellar or crypt was constructed) of the exhibition, visitors were only able to approach the stairs, we can not provide elevator or ramp.

Please note that it is cool inn the cellars in summeras well, so take this into account when planning a visit. Thank you!

The Zrínyi street building is not in operation, there are the Museum offices and workshops located.

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